Some thoughts


Jan M. van der Molen VI


Being the millennial that I apparently am, opinionating comes natural.

Ergo, a need for space to vent my thoughts with as great a luculence as I can.

One may call it a blog if one likes; I think I would.

Though of course any word written on the internet isn't likely to be more than a whisper in a sea of clamour, I like penning things down as it helps me remember.

I thought of concluding this paragraph by giving 'Scribo Ergo Sum' a mention, but that'd be too cheesy. Oh, well.

And now for the trivial specifics: I am the 6th Jan in the family. The first four having been farmers and craftsmen, the 5th a chemist and I, a Jack of all trades.

So no pressure there. Furthermore, I like to refer to myself as a hybrid northerner. Of both Frisian and Swedish descent; born in 20th century Groningen, Kingdom of the Netherlands. I'm a polyglot, an anti-theist, an aspiring raconteur & historian and my sartorial preferences remain ever aristocratic. 'And what did you say your poison was again?' Thanks for asking: Gin, Fentimans tonic, slice of orange, rosemary—and if in senior company; Cristina Jerez Xérèz Sherry.


Work History

2019 / MAY –


Telecom Client Advisor / Sales Agent

at Webhelp

2018 / JAN – 2018 / JUL


Assistant Marketing Communication Advisor

at Mirabeau

2017 / SEP – 2018 / JAN

Intern Marketing & Communication at Mirabeau

(a Cognizant digital business)

2016 / SEP – 2017 / FEB


Co-Founder of FilmPlek

(start-up that organises movie

nights at special venues)

2016 / MAY – 2016 / JUN


Sales Agent / Commercial Consultant

at Blue Stone

2015 / OCT – 2016 / FEB

Intern editor

for monthly magazine HP/De Tijd

2013 / JUN – 2013 / DEC


Guest editor / columnist

for The Post Online


2019 / SEP – 2021 / JUL


Master of Arts in Ancient History at the

University of Groningen

2018 / SEP – 2019 / FEB

Academic minor in

Classics and Ancient Civilizations

at the University of Groningen

2017 / FEB – 2017 / JUL


Academic minor in History

at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences

2014 / SEP – 2018 / SEP


Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information & Communication

at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Most notable courses covered:

– Marketing

– Editing & Journalism

– Business Economics

– Sociology

– Media Law & Ethics

– Public Debate

– Writing

– Entrepreneurship


*A course regarding marketing, communication and sales on EQF level 6, provided by The Netherlands Institute of Marketing.

2008 / SEP – 2013 / JUL


​Secondary education (atheneum / havo)

at the Groningen College of H.N. Werkman

Top subjects:

– History

– English Language & Literature

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